Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Next Project, Starting Monday July 19

I have a new project that, much like Thinly Sliced Raw Fish, I was considering giving its own blog space but have decided to just do right here at the mothership, starting on Monday 7/19. It’s a 64-part collection of under 300 word fictional writings called Danny Casolaro: 64 Stories concerning Danny Casolaro, a real life writer/investigator who was following what he considered to be a broad international conspiracy until his death in 1991 (if you want more info on Casolaro and his conspiracy theories, and his death that some consider suspect, enter his name into Google and browse if you wish). I consider the collection as the first chapter of a possible larger eight chapter work.

My goal is not to be some sort of conspiracy theorist but rather work in that place where reality, fiction, and conspiracy theory meet. I take liberties with real details of Casolaro’s life and throw in some other personalities, some of the conspiracies theories that are out there in the world at large, and I make up stuff as well.

These pieces will be published Monday thru Thursday and Saturday. The individual pieces do not have titles, so they’ll appear as Casolaro 1, Casolaro 2, etc.  Hopefully, you'll follow along and enjoy.

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  1. I'm late in the game on this but wow, this is really good.