Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Casolaro 3

Days before he died, Casolaro called his friend Bill, lied to him. I’m writing an article for Time about the whole matter. It’s going to be big. The whole thing, it’s going to be out there, it’s going to be revealed to everyone and that’s that. What whole thing, Bill asked. But Casolaro dodged—Bill always knew him as vague, circling. Time Warner, they’re footing the whole thing. Jack Anderson is working with me on it. Big advances. I’m just finishing up details and, man, this’s going to change things. He was a bit frantic, like he’d had too much caffeine, like he was running out of time.

After Casolaro’s death, Bill made some calls, found out the whole thing was bogus. No article for Time, no financing, nothing. Bill has always found this puzzling—Casolaro was given to exaggeration, a bit overecstatic about conspiracy details he uncovered, but he wasn’t one to lie about something as concrete as an article deal.

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