Thursday, September 13, 2012

Asleep at the Wheel

I had the realization that things were done with the blog when, after not doing so in awhile, I looked at some of the blogs that I follow.  Many of them are now gone or essentially defunct, as the bloggers haven’t posted in quite awhile.  The fact that I hadn’t taken a peek at these blogs in such a long time is at the core of my problem here—I’ve fallen out of touch, and I’ve failed at keeping up with and encouraging other writers.  I’ve been posting new stories regularly here since I returned.  I've received scant comments though the traffic stats do indicate that people are still visiting the site.  I could bemoan the lack of commenting, but it’s really my fault for falling asleep at the wheel here, and there seems to be no way to correct this as the small network I’d tapped into just a couple years ago now seems to be essentially gone.

More to come... 

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