Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Winding Down

My Thinly Sliced Raw Fish project is winding down. Today marks the 40th post. Only 10 more left! 

Read here. Less than 100 words.


  1. What's next? This has been a nice diversion with some fine work. Might I suggest 26 works, one very other week for a year, each featuring one letter from the alphabet and a corresponding food.

    Gnu anyone?

  2. Thanks, Michael. That’s sort of how the 212/food thing got started, as I envisioned one work for each letter of the alphabet three times. I do really need to work gnu into a story somewhere. Haven’t done that yet.

    I’m thinking about some other ideas. One thing I’ve considered beyond my own writing is opening up this fictions <100 words idea and inviting others to submit their works for me to publish on a blog. Not sure if I’m ready to be a submissions editor/publisher quite yet.

  3. let me know... I have a Gnu story for ya...