Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rocket Ship

The rocket ship launched today. We were going to go see it since it was just a few miles away but got lazy and decided to sit home and each French toast and drink coffee. The day was toasty warm and sunny and it was one of those where you just want to open windows, clean the counters and floors with something that smells like lemons, blast loud music filled with guitars and horns, throw away the clutter of former lives. We did some dishes but gave up on cleaning, let the music play and followed with something instrumental. We knew when the rocket launched when windows, plates, and pictures rattled, when we heard the sky crack open. It was on tv but we didn’t turn it on. The day wore on. We decided, let’s make drinks. The sky grew orange, the day thinned. We imagined those astronauts orbiting, their capsule spinning through cold space, as they performed their astronaut tasks. There will be more and more rocket ships. Soon there will be geosynchronous gridlock. Maybe one of these times we’ll make it to a launch. Maybe inside we already have all we need.

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  1. On some of those perfect days you just can't be bothered with anything out of the mundane.