Sunday, July 19, 2009


A: You know, we’re packed in here like…

B: Don’t say it. Hello, my fellow fish. It’s a fine kettle, I know.

A: This isn’t a subway crowd. It’s a funeral in a studio apartment. Where’s the corpse, I always ask. Judging by this crowd, we might have several takers.

B: Thankfully, everyone here’s wearing deodorant. Sniff…hold on, not everybody.

A: I’m so squeezed, I keep thinking someone’s picking my pocket. Looking at the mugs here, who can blame me?

C: Look, you two, I’m listening to you clowns and I’ve about had it.

A: Hey, a concerned citizen. Next stop, you could depart, give us some breathing room. I hear the muggings end at daybreak so you’d be fine.

B: I’ve refrained from using profanity. Now, you got me rethinking that.

C: You comedians, we’re all in this together. Trying to get to work. Cut the Henny Youngman routine.

A: Henny Youngman? Man, you shouldn’t be here but on the trolley.

B: I think we just passed the Wright Brothers’ plane. Aren’t you usually on that?

C: Real funny.

A: Another stop. Man, more people!

B: Cattle, I say! Moo!

D: You guys move in a little there?

A: Oh, a new guy.

B: He’s going to say it. Don’t say it.

D: We’re packed in here like sardines!

A: Man, he said it.

B: Someone get me off this thing.

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